About Us

USCB, the South American Union of Battlefield Clans, is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to bring together all the competitive Battlefield clans and players in South America in order to enhance the experience of the players and explore the full potential of the game.

It arose from the community's growing search for competitions and events organized in mid-2017, during the height of Battlefield 1, by the initiative of some large clans with a lot of presence within the BF, such as: BtK, PlanB, OniX, EKO COBRA, LGC , CAHOS, LMN, among others.

Gradually, after ups and downs, the idea took shape and the first tournaments were organized. And as a result of this union, the daily matches themselves became less toxic, with better relations between clans and with a more competitive environment, but healthy and pleasant to participate.

Over time and past the heyday of Battlefield 1 plus the disastrous launch of BFV, the project has lost momentum over the months. Without well-defined pillars and with some absences, it seemed to fade.

However, recently the USCB has resurfaced with clearer ideas and under a new administration that values ​​seriousness, teamwork and dedication. Thus, new tournaments and events are being organized for the small but faithful community that keeps our beloved Battlefield.

The organization believes that the game is nothing more than the sum of its community and that, together, it will be able to keep it upright, providing a better, more fun and competitive gaming experience every day.

Thus, the USCB invites all clans to join this initiative in the quest to create a strong and consistent community in order to give voice to the players' desires.

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